permanent collections and awards

museum of contemporary art of georgia -  atlanta, georgia

The Virginia Twinam Smith Award 2016

solo exhibitions

"personal photographs" -  northampton community college, bethlehem, pennsylvania 

"anonymity: twenty photographs" -  albright college, reading,  pennsylvania

collective exhibitions - museums

"edge to edge, a survey of georgia photographers" - museum of contemporary art, atlanta, georgia  

              curator:  chip simone

"62nd local artists exhibition" - toledo art museum, toledo, ohio

"photospectus" - reading art museum, reading,  pennsylvania 

"young photographers" - musee francais de la photographie, bievre, france 

collective exhibitions - galleries

"director's cut 2019" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia    curator: judith pishnery

"alan avery selects 2019" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia    juror:  alan avery

"the south street photography group 2019" - mason fine art, atlanta, georgia    curator: chip simone

"choice 2019" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia    

"the south street photography group 2018" - mason fine art, atlanta, georgia    curator: chip simone

"rachel reese selects 2018" -  APG gallery, atlanta, georgia.   juror: rachel reese

"home" - southeast center for photography, greenville, south carolina  juror: susan burstine

"the american industrial movement 2018" - plymouth community arts council, plymouth, mi    curator:  sylvia ford

"choice 2018" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia

"b&w, now!" - SXSE gallery, molena, georgia    juror:  mark steinmetz

"photobuckhead 2017" - buckhead library, atlanta, georgia

"choice 2017" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia

"home" - the center for fine art photography, fort collins, colorado

"arnika dawkins selects 2016" -  APG gallery, atlanta, georgia.     juror: arnika dawkins

"director's cut: photographs about nothing" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia    curator:  beth lilly

"airport show 2016" - hartsfield-jackson airport, atlanta, georgia    juror:  amy miller

"choice 2016" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia

"square" - southeast center for photography, greenville, south carolina

"lucinda bunnen selects 2015" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia     juror:  lucinda bunnen

"big" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia 

"choice 2015" - APG gallery, atlanta, georgia

"one" - roho gallery, cincinnati, ohio

"salon des refuses" - parkwood gallery, toledo, ohio

"response and recognition" - nikon house, new york city, new york

"new photography" - the photography place, exton, pennsylvania

"magic silver show" - murray state university, murray, kentucky

"collective photography by the tuesday workshop" - albright college, reading, pennsylvania

"art of photography" - wyomissing institute of fine arts, wyomissing, pennsylvania

"photography today" - mind's eye gallery, philadelphia, pennsylvania

"magic silver show" - murray state university, murray, kentucky

"area arts show" - perrysburg art council, perrysburg, ohio 


"readers portfolios" - l'oeil de la photographie september 2,  2017 issue

"south by southeast photomagazine" - diptychs article: november/december 2015 issue

"B&W magazine" - issue #107; people's choice award winner

"B&W magazine" - issue #95; people's choice award winner

"B&W magazine" - issue #80; single image merit award winner

"B&W magazine" - issue #76; portfolio award winner



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